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Medicare Advantage Concerns

The Chief 18 Oct 2021
Why not combine the pension funds for the Police and Fire departments? Why not combine the Board of Education Retirement System and the Teachers' Retirement System? Why shortchange NYC retirees while protecting union financial interests?. Sadly, NYC unions don't put the needs of their members first over their corporate union interests ... .

Central Bank Digital Currencies: A Technocratic Fallacy

Bitcoin Magazine 18 Oct 2021
Many people aren’t interested in it, to be frank. Maybe it’s the boring acronym, maybe it’s just another thing in a failing system that needs no long-term attention ... The Problems With The Current Monetary System ... In the current system, commercial banks are the providers of credit at interest ... The overall system is still one and the same.

Editorial: China Should Waste No Time in Ending Dual-Track Power Pricing

Caixin Online 18 Oct 2021
The Power System Reform Plan (Policy No ... China’s fitful embrace of power system reforms is due to the intertwined interests in the power sector, coupled with the constraints that all levels of governments are facing in fulfilling their economic growth and livelihood objectives.

Bitcoin Vs. Crypto: Why Bitcoin Only

Bitcoin Magazine 18 Oct 2021
Anyway, I think that's like an interesting frame not for the minutia, but if you just really focus on the user relationship to the financial system itself and like what guarantees you have ... Well, what's interesting about those arguments that make moral cases for Bitcoin, the ...

The orbital flatness of planetary systems

Phys Dot Org 18 Oct 2021
The planets of the solar system all orbit the Sun more-or-less in a plane ... Knowing that the gaseous protostellar disk influences the migration properties of the planets, the scientists were also particularly interested in exploring what the minimum disk mass could have been for the TRAPPIST-1 system.

Astronomers catch a white dwarf turning itself on and off for the first time

TechRadar 18 Oct 2021
"It is known that in some systems the donor stars stops feeding the disk (for yet unclear reasons)," Dr ... The processes at work in these remnant cores of dead stars are the product of forces beyond anything we've ever encountered in our own solar system – thankfully – so objects like TW Pictoris are especially interesting for us.

Growing advantage for off-grid storage in grid-tied applications

PV Magazine 18 Oct 2021
In this interview, Pierre-Olivier Moix, chief technology officer and board member at Studer Innotec, explains the differences to a standard energy home system, and some possible applications.Pierre-Olivier Moix, chief technology officer and board member at Studer Innotec ... We consider a back-up system as an off-grid system for a limited period.

Android 12 | Minimum Requirements | Cell Phones | Smartphone | Install Download Applications | ...

Swords Today 18 Oct 2021
Google You are deploying your latest operating system Android 12 On compatible cell phones or those in beta testing, it brings a series of very interesting features such as a definite change in the design of animations and announcements ... it does not exist in an operating system.

Improving jaw crusher safety: WEG products used to create innovative jaw crusher unblock system

Process and Control Today 18 Oct 2021
WEG products used to create innovative jaw crusher unblock system ... Here's how, WEG’s premier distributor Technidrive, developed an energy efficient automatic jaw crusher unblock system using entirely WEG products ... Another very important part of the system was the alternator, which is vital to achieving an efficient and reliable system.

New design engineering concentration proposed

The Browns Daily Herald 18 Oct 2021
When the DISP presented their ideas for a design-engineering curriculum at an engineering faculty meeting January 2019, Donohue approached the group about his interest in teaching a design class ... “Most of the design-engineering-interested kids want to understand this system and the bigger picture,” Mills-Scofield said.

PBOC's Yi says China can 'contain' the risk from Evergrande

Straits Times 18 Oct 2021
LONDON (BLOOMBERG) - People's Bank of China Governor Yi Gang said authorities can contain risks posed to the Chinese economy and financial system from the struggles of China Evergrande Group ... Mr Yi said Evergrande's liabilities were spread across "hundreds" of entities in the financial system so that there is "not much concentration.".

Build back solar: the Puerto Ricans who see sun as key to resist climate shocks

The Observer 18 Oct 2021
Earlier this year, Marrero was among two dozen residents in a low-income, predominantly Black neighbourhood blighted by coal pollution, fitted with a rooftop solar and storage system ... But thanks to the rooftop solar system, Marrero could stay cool and watch TV without worrying about the food going off in the fridge.

China’s economic dominoes look worryingly wobbly

Asiatimes 18 Oct 2021
Declare that the developer’s default drama is “controllable” and unlikely to spread into a systemic episode akin to Lehman Brothers in 2008 ... This helps to explain why yields on related Chinese bonds are trading at least 10 percentage points over benchmark interest rates.

Suspect remains in custody as UK continues probe into death of MP

China Daily 18 Oct 2021
The Guardian newspaper reports that the suspect had previously come to the attention of the government's Prevent program, which aims to stamp out radicalization, although his involvement with it, on a voluntary basis, was only short and he was never a formal subject of interest to the security services.

Understand your bank, community and customers – BoG advises RCBs

Ghana Web 18 Oct 2021
The Directive is also expected to advance governance systems to create a conducive environment for the rural banking community to serve the best interest of depositors and other stakeholders, and enhance overall corporate performance, accountability and public trust.